Terms and Conditions

Aim Apartments and Properties: Guidelines and Principles

At Aim Apartments and Properties, we are committed to ensuring a safe and secure environment for property transactions. To facilitate this, we have established guidelines for both buyers and sellers, as well as principles governing data protection and age limitations. Please review the following information thoroughly:

1. Payment for Apartments/Properties

Before making any payment for an apartment or property, it is imperative that you confirm the ownership or receive an ownership receipt. Aim Apartments and Properties will not assume responsibility for any losses incurred without proper confirmation.

2. Availability

Sellers are required to promptly remove all listings of sold apartments or properties within 24 hours to maintain accurate information on the platform.

Searching for Properties

Buyers can effortlessly discover properties and apartments using our user-friendly search bar, reducing the stress associated with property hunting.

Posting Adverts on Aim Apartments and Properties

When creating listings on our platform, please adhere to the following rules:

- Every advert must have a precise title, providing clarity to potential buyers.

- Adverts should feature only unique images, captured by the seller and not sourced from the internet, without any contact information or watermarks.

- Each advert must include images to showcase the property effectively.

- The listed prices must accurately reflect the real market value of similar properties.

- All apartments and properties must be located within Nigeria.

- All listings must adhere to legal regulations and permissions.

- Each item for sale should be posted separately; multiple properties cannot be included in a single advert.

- Every advert must include a clear and concise description to provide potential buyers with essential information.

Data Protection Principles

We are dedicated to upholding stringent data protection principles to safeguard your personal information. Our data protection practices include:

- Processing personal data for specific, legitimate, and lawful purposes, with your consent.

- Ensuring that personal data is accurate, adequate, and respects the dignity of the individual.

- Storing data only for the duration necessary for the specified purpose.

- Implementing robust security measures to protect against foreseeable threats and breaches, such as theft, cyberattacks, viral infections, unauthorized dissemination, manipulation, and damage from natural elements like rain or fire.

Age Limitation

Aim Apartments and Properties does not knowingly process personal data from individuals under 16 years of age. If you become aware that someone younger than 16 has provided us with personal data, please contact us at info@aimapartments.com.

We thank you for choosing Aim Apartments and Properties for your property needs and encourage all users to adhere to these guidelines and principles to maintain the trust and safety of our platform.